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Billions of Webpages Analyzed

Our datasets include mappings from URLs to AdSense(TM) PubID's, URLs to Google Analytics UA's, URLs to iTunes(TM) App ID's, URLs to Facebook Page ID's, Facebook App ID's, URLs to Amazon Affiliate ID's, URLs to Amazon ASIN Product ID's, URLs to Google Site Verification ID's and much more.

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Buying data in bulk saves you money!

Similar services offered via APIs on a per-row basis can cost several times as much as lists.

Purchase Fresh Datasets!

The system processes billions of webpages in order to produce fresh URL lists all year long. Updates are published as quickly as they become available.

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Discover Business Opportunities!

Cross the information on our AdSense(TM), Analytics, Amazon(TM), Facebook(TM) Apple iTunes(TM) and other datasets to find correlations and monetization opportunities!

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Million Domain Names
Indicators Analyzed Per URL
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