Our Terms of Service

The ZeMiner.com Terms of Service aim to guarantee a positive experience with every purchase

ZeMiner.com Terms of Service

By purchasing ZeMiner.com lists and databases you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Automated Use

You will not employ unauthorized web robots or any other form of automated software to access ZeMiner.com's services.

Data Origin

All data contained on ZeMiner.com lists come from publicly accessible sources such as web directories, social media, WHOIS databases and natural interlinking between websites.

Fitness for Particular Purpose

No guarantee is offered, of any kind, express or implied that ZeMiner.com lists, databases and website reports are fit for any purpose whatsoever. ZeMiner.com will not be held liable for the use, or misuse, of the data provided via this service.

Data Accuracy

Due to the sheer magnitude of the data analyzed by ZeMiner.com, and the nature of data mining and processing on the World Wide Web, it is impossible to guarantee 100% accuracy on all URLs listed on every database. While we do our best to offer the most complete and accurate data, ZeMiner.com shall not be held liable for eventual errors contained in reports.


Due to the nature of the products offered, specifically lists of URLs and website data, all payments for ZeMiner.com lists are final and non-refundable. Once granted access to the data contained on ZeMiner.com lists and reports, the product shall be deemed to be used up and consumed.


Once payment is confirmed, lists will be made available for download. An email will also be delivered to the purchaser's verified PayPal email address. For your security, we cannot deliver to any other email address. We recommend you download the purchased lists as soon as possible, because the passwords for the archives will expire in a future update.

List Updates and Passwords Changes

To preserve the value of ZeMiner.com lists, all archives delivered upon your purchases are protected by passwords and strong encryption. (Buyers receive the passwords soon after payment is completed - normally within minutes.)
We reserve the right to change the password to all archives and databases sold via ZeMiner.com at any time, at our sole discretion.
Purchased lists must be downloaded as soon as possible. List purchase does not automatically entitle buyers access to the new passwords on future updates.

Special Access for Educational Purposes

ZeMiner.com offers special access to our databaes for researchers and students. If you run a research project, or are part of the corp of alumni of an educational institution, and you believe our data can be of value to your research work, then please send us a verifiable scanned academic ID document to support [at] zeminer.com along with a short description of your project. Please describe which of our databases interest you and give us a small use case example. We will then contact you with additional information on special access provided for educational purposes. (The academic ID must be from a valid educational institution and current enrollment status must be verifiable.)